Can You Get Type 2 Diabetes Because You Eat Lots Of Sweets?

Does eating too much sugar cause diabetes?
No. But doing so can cause a chain reaction that leads to Type-2 diabetes at the very least. In the case of Type-1 diabetes, this condition only happens when cells in your pancreas responsible for insulin creation are irreparably destroyed. This typically comes about due to an immune system malfunction. As for type 2 diabetes, sugar can influence whether or not you can get this diabetes type, especially if you’re at risk (family history and genetics). If you eat sugar and don’t exercise, you gain weight. The fatter you are the likelier you’ll get Type-2 diabetes, or at least this is the case for some people.

More Truths Uncovered Regarding Diabetes

  • Is There a Link Between Sugar and Diabetes? Diabetes happens when a person isn’t able to lower his sugar levels, thus the high sugar content of his blood will lead to various complications until he manages to lower it down to normal levels via insulin shots or medication. Sugar mostly has nothing to do with causing diabetes even though it has a direct link to its complications and symptoms. In regards to Type-2 diabetes, becoming overweight is more of a cause than eating sugar alone, since you can gain weight without sugar over-consumption.
  • Should You Eat Sweets Then? As a rule of thumb, everything should be consumed in moderation. Even if you have no diabetes history in your family, consuming too many sweets can lead to other complications like tooth decay or obesity. Furthermore, if you already have diabetes, you should put the brakes on having your cake and eating it too. You can enjoy sweets sometimes but you should regulate your sugar intake the same way weight watchers regulate their calories.
  • Do People Grow Out of Diabetes? If you have Type-1 diabetes then you won’t grow out of it since it’s an immune system deficiency that’s causing it. With this diabetes type, you will always take insulin because your pancreas won’t be making insulin ever again. You’ll have to do this until scientists figure out a cure for the disease. With Type-2 diabetes, it’s more preventable. Don’t get overweight. Don’t eat too many sweets, cakes and junk food. You’ll always have high blood sugar tendencies but at least eating healthy can lower such tendencies.
  • Is Diabetes Contagious? No. You can’t catch diabetes from another person who has it. However, diabetes is genetic. If your family or relatives have it then you might have inherited genes to get it too. Also, people with diabetes can’t feel if their blood sugar levels are high or low until it gets too dangerous. Watch out for the symptoms like feeling weaker than usual, peeing a lot or feeling thirstier than usual. However, it’s better to have a device that checks your blood sugar levels for a more consistent approach to knowing your levels.

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